Friday, September 20, 2019

2019 (Early) Reviews - Archives

Welcome back! As mentioned in my 2018 Reviews - Archives, I'll be posting my combined remaining five reviews from earlier this year below along with links to their corresponding GoodReads entries. Get comfy and enjoy!

2019 (Early) Reviews
1. Big Little Lies - by Liane Moriarty

2. Ten Little Girls - by Willow Rose
GoodReads Review Link

3. The Perfect Child - by Lucinda Berry

4. The Mother-in-Law - by Sally Hepworth

5. Heart of the Mountain - by Frankie Love and C.M. Seabrook

A few of these are simply way too short and do not do justice to the story or the author. I'm thinking I'll need to go back and edit them slightly at some point. For now, hopefully, you enjoyed that little flashback! Until next time!

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