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Involuntary Admissions - by D.R. Markham

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Be careful what you sign... I'm sure I'm not the only one who glances at things and signs without thoroughly reading them. This is especially likely while multitasking, or when there's a pretty good idea about what's going on... or just because reading forms isn't fun. After all, you know you can't move forward with whatever it is until the paperwork is signed. Right? Let me just say that this stops right now! After reading Involuntary Admissions, I will definitely be paying closer attention to everything. I couldn't imagine having so little control over my own health and life choices, let alone that of my children!

•When Helen feels that her daughter Kendra's depression and suicidal thoughts have exceeded her ability to care for her properly, she makes the tough choice. She relinquishes control over to the recommended psychiatric hospital. The pro's surely outweighed the con's, right? It would just be for the night, a few days at most... then Kendra would come back out the other side no longer wanting to take her own life. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned and nothing is as it seems. Hopefully, her best friend, her daughter's godmother, can help figure out what's really going on at Aiken's Haven and rescue Kendra.•

As someone with zero knowledge of the inner workings of a psychiatric hospital, or the medical field in general, this was quite the change of pace for me! Luckily, it was one that I wholly enjoyed. Markham has quite the talent for bringing in just enough vernacular to make the reader feel knowledgeable without overdoing it. No layman's terms or translations needed. Unfortunately, the numerous spelling and grammatical errors interrupted this seamless flow of content on more than one occasion. The story would have been a smooth read otherwise. Overall, Involuntary Admissions was a compelling and fast-paced read.

The character progressions, shown through the author's use of flashbacks, helped bring forth perspective and ultimately brought everything full circle. I would have loved a supplementary section of epilogue dedicated to the reunion of Helen and Kendra. However, I found the conclusion, as well as the lead up to it truly enjoyable. I fully intend to read D.R. Markham's future novels. She has a way of sucking you into a story only to spit you right back out, further enlightened and entertained. 

Many thanks go to the author, D.R. Markham, for recommending her outstanding debut novel. I'm delighted to end 2019 on a high note, placing Involuntary Admissions as my final read of the year! I recommend this book to everyone, no prior medical expertise is necessary. This is one thriller you won't want to miss, and it's available on Kindle Unlimited, so be sure to pick up your copy now!

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Book Blurb:
Fifteen-year-old Kendra Sibley is suicidal. Her frantic mother, Helen admits her to a posh psychiatric hospital near Philadelphia. They both quickly discover that instead of getting her the help she needs, they have placed her in harm's way. Helen reaches out to her best friend and journalist/writer, Madison Blythe, Kendra's godmother. Madison and Kendra are soon pitted against the controlling and corrupt
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Dr. Victor Aiken, putting both their lives at risk. Can Madison use her resourcefulness to save both of them before Aiken's Haven becomes their final resting place?

About D.R. Markham:
D.R. Markham was born in Canada in 1965. After studying at Queen's University (BNSc. 1988), she became a Registered Nurse and immigrated to the United States in 1990. She has worked in the nursing fields of psychiatry, mental health, chemical dependency, wound care, medical-surgical care, skilled nursing, and correctional nursing. Her nursing career has also included positions in management and administration. D.R. Markham has lived in the province of Ontario, Canada, as well as the states of Hawaii, Texas, and South Carolina. She published several short stories in the 1990s. INVOLUNTARY ADMISSIONS is her first novel.

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