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Somebody's Daughter - Carol Wyer

©Carol Wyer
Available: 7/9/20
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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This one had all of the feels! It's truly hard to believe that Wyer's Detective Natalie Ward Thriller Series is already at SEVEN books and this installment may just be her best yet! Carol Wyer keeps finidng a way to top herself, while still leaving you aching for more! 

I've been reeling since the ending of the fifth installment, The Blossom Twins, the aftermath of Natalie and Leigh has been heartbreaking, to say the least. Natalie began to slowly heal and return to work in book six, The Secret Admirer. With this seventh installment, Somebody's Daughter, Natalie has begun to move on (if possible) - although 'live again' may be a more suitable term. She's managed to get closer to her adult son, live comfortably with her boyfriend and even start to open up to his little girl. Yet, everything still reminds her of Leigh, especially the young, strangled teenagers of her latest case. As a recently promoted Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Natalie is able to take a step back and lead from afar, yet still remain ever as present and justified to the cause. Her promotion allows her to oversee their newly developed crime unit and for Lucy Carmichael to take the lead in immediate case handling as Detective Inspector (DI).

The immense amount of action and detective work packed into the 379 pages that make up Somebody's Daughter had me finishing it in no time! It's hard to believe that the actual storyline, the case itself, all took place within five days! The insight into not only DCI Ward's history and mindset but also DI Carmichael's was absolutely breathtaking. I felt so much for them to the point of wanting to reach through the pages and give them a comforting hug. These hard-working women somehow manage to put in numerous hours tracking and taking down ruthless killers, handling the unrelenting press and still try to squeeze in whatever time they have left with their families. Who needs sleep when there's another killer on the loose?! On more than one occasion, these detectives have been forced to face the hard truth - somethings gotta give. While the narrations mostly originate from Natalie and Lucy, we're also given treasured moments with the victims and their unassuming avenger. I always enjoy this type of prose as it helps to really dig in and bring a story full-circle.

I have to add though - DS Andy Foxton and Superintendent Dan Tasker really got on my nerves! I tried to slap them, really tried, but my hand had problems trying to swipe into my kindle. Who knew? This just goes to show that Carol Wyer knows what she's doing - not every character, victim, or detective can be likable! Sometimes you've gotta mix it up! Luckily for Natalie, she's all about that confidence and integrity - the perfect match for the likes of Andy and Dan, and more than capable of passing on her wealth of experience to Lucy!

After racing through Somebody's Daughter, I can't help but wonder what's next?! Especially after learning about Natalie's long lost family member! I would highly recommend this series to thriller lovers everywhere, especially those interested in crime thrillers for Carol Wyer never ceases to outdo herself! If I could though, I'd recommend starting from the beginning for the full character effect. Although, this case can be read as a standalone in and of itself.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and the author Carol Wyer for providing me with a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Blurb:
One by one, the girls disappeared…

When the frail body of a teenage girl is discovered strangled in a parking lot, shards of ice form in Detective Natalie Ward's veins. As Natalie looks at the freckles scattered on her cheeks and the pale pink lips tinged with blue, she remembers that this innocent girl is somebody's daughter…

The girl is identified as missing teenager Amelia Saunders, who has run away from home and her controlling father. Natalie's heart sinks further when it becomes clear that Amelia has been working on the streets, manipulated by her violent new boyfriend, Tommy.

A day later, another vulnerable girl is found strangled on a park bench. Like Amelia, Katie Bray was a runaway with connections to Tommy, and Natalie is determined to find him and track down the monster attacking these scared and lonely girls.

But when a wealthy young woman is found murdered the next morning, the word 'guilty' scrawled on her forehead, Natalie realises that the case is more complex than she first thought. Determined to establish a connection between her three victims, Natalie wastes no time in chasing down the evidence, tracing everyone who crossed their paths. Then, a key suspect's body turns up in the canal, a mole in Natalie's department leaks vital information, and everything seems to be against her. Can Natalie stop this clever and manipulative killer before they strike again?

An unputdownable crime thriller from an Amazon bestselling author that will have you sleeping with the light on. This gripping rollercoaster ride is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, and Rachel Caine. Prepare to be totally hooked!

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Winner of The People's Book Prize Award, Carol Wyer is an award-winning author and stand up comedian who writes feel-good comedies and gripping crime fiction.

A move to the 'dark side' in 2017, saw the introduction of popular DI Robyn Carter in LITTLE GIRL LOST, the #2 best-selling book on Amazon, #9 best-selling audiobook on Audible and Top 150 USA Today best-seller.

A second series featuring DI Natalie Ward quickly followed. To date, her crime novels have sold over 600,000 copies and been translated for various overseas markets, including Norwegian, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian Slovak, Czech, and Polish.

Carol has been interviewed on numerous radio shows discussing "Irritable Male Syndrome' and 'Ageing Disgracefully' and on BBC Breakfast television. She has had articles published in national magazines' Woman's Weekly' featured in 'Take A Break,' 'Choice,' 'Yours' and 'Woman's Own' magazines, and The Huffington Post.

She currently lives on a windy hill in rural Staffordshire with her husband, Mr. Grumpy... who is very, very grumpy.

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