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Shattered Pieces - by Stacy Claflin

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Shattered Pieces" was quite the satisfying conclusion to Stacy Claflin's Brannon House Thriller Series! I enjoyed the overall haunted vibe to this mysterious house full of secrets, much like the house's former matriarch - Grandma Regina Brannon!

Stacy returns us to the aged Brannon House a bit fuller this time. Ember finally has her dad in her life, two aunts, and an uncle. The only thing that could make life sweeter would be her mother's return from the dead... instead, she gets her recently-released-from-jail grandmother with nowhere to go. This woman certainly is a trip! Luckily this time around, we get a bit more insight into her shattered past, yet it doesn't excuse her present actions.

Kenzi tries to soften the blow of Regina's return with her niece Ember and her newly discovered siblings by agreeing to throw a Halloween Party for Ember's school friends and their curious neighbors! As you can only imagine, chaos ensues! Throughout this fast-paced domestic thriller, we also get to bear witness to Kenzi sorting through a bit of a relationship conundrum, with Ember's unsolicited help, of course! I don't want to give too much away, but if you're looking for a light, fast-read of a thriller series, then look no further. The Brannon House Thrillers are sure to entertain and have you questioning seemingly innocent noises around the house!

Many thanks go to the author, Stacy Claflin, for providing me with a complimentary copy of "Shattered Pieces" for my honest review.

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Book Blurb:
Most family ties are silken threads. Others are literally handcuffs.

Kenzi Brannon thinks most of her problems are behind her until she gets a call from the local jail. Her mother, a proven killer, is being released due to overcrowding. Blood takes care of blood, so there is no turning Regina away.

She returns to live at Brannon House.

A haunted house.

A house reputedly so cursed, some neighbors want it razed to the ground.

But her niece's friends and the rest of the town would love to explore. And Halloween seems like the perfect time to open their doors to the community. Despite Regina promising to be on her best behavior, Kenzi has concerns her mother might do something to ruin the evening.

It turns out far worse than she feared.

With innocent lives on the line, Kenzi must put a stop to her mother's maniacal actions—but first, she'll have to find her.

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Stacy Claflin is a USA Today bestselling author who writes about complex women overcoming incredible odds. Whether it's her Gone saga of psychological thrillers, her various paranormal romance tales, or her sweet romance series, Stacy's three-dimensional characters shine through.

Decades after she wrote her first stories on construction paper and years after typing on an inherited green screen computer that weighed half a ton, Stacy realized her dream of becoming a full-time bestselling author.

When she's not busy writing or educating her kids from home, Stacy enjoys watching TV shows like Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time.

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