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Where Lost Girls Go - by B.R. Spangler

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Where do lost girls go? Pick up book one in B.R. Spangler's Detective Casey White series and find out! I must say, I absolutely loved the pacing in this book. The short chapters make for a quick read, 362 pages of constant action! Get ready for an adrenaline rush! I was utterly engrossed in this story from page one hook, line, and sinker!

After being contacted by Noelle Holten at Bookouture about my interest in taking part in the Books-on-Tour blog tour for B.R. Spangler's "The Innocent Girls," my interest was peaked! The blurb sounded right up my alley and, turns out, it was book two in a series! So what did I do? I immediately ordered and started reading book one, "Where Lost Girls Go" (originally titled "Taken From Home"). Next, I'm diving right into book two!

As for book one, the path to the truth is finally illuminated for one detective who's been searching fourteen years for any trace of her stolen daughter. As luck would have it, Detective Casey White gets wrapped up in a case, or two, while on vacation, from there it's only a matter of time before connections are drawn. Alongside Jericho Flynn of the Marine Control, their techs, and the FBI, the race is on to save the lost girls. 
I enjoyed the mostly first-person narrative and the snippets from the detective's past. The connection between Casey and Jericho was an added bonus that I hope continues through book two. While some may find themselves disgruntled at a few unanswered questions, I find myself intrigued and even more psyched up for the next installment! 

Spangler's tale of kidnapping, serial killings, and sex trafficking paints a vivid account of heartache and suspense. His skillfully crafted story draws you in and keeps you desperately clinging to every word. I would recommend this book to crime thriller fans everywhere, the build-up is intense, and the ending is a twist that you'll never see coming! I absolutely loved "Where Lost Girls Go," and I hope you will too!

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Book Blurb:
Detective Casey White book 1

When Detective Casey White discovers the body of a beautiful teenage girl in a white nightgown near the shoreline in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a familiar fear floods through her. Could this be Hannah, her sweet, blue-eyed daughter snatched from home fourteen years ago? But it only takes one look to confirm that the girl with dark bruising around her throat is another family’s tragedy.

Putting her own grief aside, Casey digs into unsolved missing child cases in the area. The victim is Cheryl Parry, one of two little girls taken during a family beach vacation nine years ago. Her sister’s body was found strangled a week later, but someone has been keeping Cheryl alive—until now.

Fearful there may be other innocent lives in danger, Casey and her team work around the clock to trace the material from Cheryl’s nightgown, but hit a dead-end and don’t know where to turn. Then, another teenager’s body is found in a nearby pine forest, dressed all in white. It’s suddenly clear that a twisted killer has been hiding in the Outer Banks for years, and he will strike again.

Casey painstakingly combs the forest soil for clues to the killer’s next move, but nothing prepares her for what she finds: a buried charm bracelet exactly matching one that her little Hannah always wore—right down to the broken star charm by the clasp…

Stay Tuned for: The Innocent Girls 
Pub Date: 9/3/10
My Blog Tour Date: 9/7/10
Detective Casey White book 2

Tears stream down her face as she feels the cold blade press against her neck. The sweet scent of her daughter’s favorite strawberry pancakes all around, her last thought is for her beautiful girl. Please, please let Lisa have escaped.

When Detective Casey White is called early one morning to a beachside vacation campsite in the Outer Banks, she finds the bodies of Carl and Peggy Pearson side-by-side, their throats cut, and their thirteen-year-old daughter Lisa nowhere to be found. Haunted by memories of her own missing girl, Casey fears this could soon become a triple murder: because without the medication found in the bathroom cabinet, Lisa has just days to live.

As her team struggles to untangle the meaning of the cryptic symbol carved into the victims’ skin, Casey searches the area for signs of Lisa: and is rewarded when she finds her blistered and barefoot, staggering along the highway. The girl barely has breath left to whisper ‘he invited me’ before blacking out.

Days later, another couple is found murdered on a vacation yacht. A different symbol is etched on their bodies, and their teenage daughter is also missing. Casey’s only clue is an unsettling ‘invitation’ found on the girl’s phone, to a secluded building out in the cornfields.

Desperate to uncover who is luring these innocent families to their deaths, and certain forensics have missed something vital, Casey matches up the crime scene photos herself. The symbols combine to form an upcoming date. The killer is taunting them with the timing of the next murder.

Racing to follow the invitation in time, when Casey arrives, she is shocked to glimpse not the missing girls from this case, but her own missing daughter…

About the author, B.R. Spangler:
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B.R. Spangler here. I'm a resident of Virginia, along with my family, five cats, two birds, a hamster, and a lizard. During the day, I work as an engineer and spend my off-hours writing, editing, and thinking up the next great story.

I split my time across pen names, writing crime thrillers, science fiction, horrors, paranormal and contemporary fiction.

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